Whilst you should never be afraid of becoming creative and experimenting with your own marketing campaigns, not using data to drive your campaigns could be a mistake. This is because the way your brand is perceived by your core audience is vital to your business’s ongoing success; just a few marketing mistakes can have devastating consequences.

Using data analysis to engage your core audience

It is important for you to realise that the way your business is marketed to your core audience can negatively affect the outcomes of your campaigns – significantly reducing your retention and acquisition rates.

This means that your brand messages must be data driven, which in turn means that they must be relevant and specific to your core audience. Of course, this assumes that you have an updated profile of your customer base, because marketing to different generations, genders and cultures requires different tactics.

Personalising your brand’s communications

With easy access to customer demographics, it is now essential that you use this data to personalise your brand’s messages. Customers in fact, expect a certain level of personalisation when they interact with a brand and if they don’t feel that you have made an effort to do this, they are likely to switch brands.

Many major brands have realised the importance of personalising their communications to their customer base and have received significant increases in their ROI. Using data from previous interactions or geographic profiling to deliver targeted messages to your core audience has now become an essential component of effective marketing.

Using data from website cookies and click-through-rates for example, can help marketers to identify the cause of upticks in sales or leads. Were the increased conversions just coincidental or were they the result of your last campaign? Tracking a customer’s pathway through your funnel helps to answer these questions, allowing you to prioritise your marketing budget and refine your campaigns.

Brand communications are now all about personal experiences and how your brand interacts and engages with your customer base. For more information on personalising your brand messages, call us on 02 9428 5500 in Sydney, 0432 403 312 in Brisbane or shoot us an email.